XDC Utility

The XDC token is the underlying utility token that powers XinFin's Hybrid Blockchain. The XDC token acts as a settlement mechanism for DApps built on the XinFin Hybrid Blockchain.

To date, use cases built around XinFin's XDC utility token are: MyContract, TradeFinex, Kramaa, Land Registry, iFactor, Blockdegree and TurantPay.

Please read : Phasing out XDCe


Unitap Livenet

Unitap, an onboarding tool for networks and communities, has integrated the XDC Network into its platform.

The XDC Network community and dApp users can now avail the gas fees required through the Unitap platform to onboard their Dapp or to interact with Dapps built on the XDC Network mainnet. This integration is expected to benefit the XDC Network community, particularly regarding onboarding and transaction fees. Unitap can now offer XDC Network users the required gas fees to onboard their Dapps on the mainnet. The XDC Network community can now avail the benefits of a user-friendly and cost-effective onboarding experience.



BLOCKFUND is a decentralized application (dApp) that allows nonprofits to pre-program the distribution of donations received on the blockchain that can provide donors with premium benefits by offering them "proof of donation" NFTs.

By using blockchain technology, the dApp can ensure the transparency and immutability of the donation process, which can build trust and credibility with donors. When a donor makes a contribution on the blockchain, the dApp will automatically distribute the funds according to the conditions specified in the smart contract. This NFT serves as a digital certificate that verifies the donation and provides evidence of the donor's support for the nonprofit.


Go Domains Livenet

GoDomain is a Blockchain-powered domain Registrar to offer .go Domain for registration.

GoDomains - The decentralized name service solution offered by Go Domains enables you to generate easily collectible self-owned unique public addresses. With a catchy domain name and a cryptocurrency-focused domain extension, Go Domains can replace your lengthy wallet address. It is possible to utilize names instead of the 37 hexadecimal characters that make up a bitcoin wallet address, such as yourname.go and yournickname.go.


XDC Web3 Domains Livenet

XDC Web3 Domains - Own Your Blockchain Domains. Building Identity on blockchain with .xdc domains.

NFT domain is not only a wallet name, it also has functions of a website address. As a website, the users can type in their NFT domain name in a compatible browser, it will show users the website content that they put there. As a cryptocurrency wallet, they can use that same domain name to send and receive cryptocurrencies.

.xdc domains are not centralized, after purchasing them, they are yours for life and you can also control it fully without third parties dictating rules to you.


Chainfiles Livenet

In global trade and finance, documents are often required to be notarized and authenticated to prevent fraud. This is why the fraud detection and prevention market is worth $20 billion annually. Common documents that need notarization are commercial leases, articles of incorporation, contract, bill of sale, deed of trust, and more.

Thus, ChainFiles aims to be the online notarization service powered by blockchain. Digital notarization is one of blockchain technology's best use cases because of its immutability nature and timestamping accuracy.

You may use our site for free on the XDC mainnet by requesting free XDC tokens from us. We are proud to support XDC in its global trade and finance initiatives.


Guarda Visa Card Livenet

Topup your Guarda Visa card with XDC and use anywhere in the world.

Get your own Prepaid Visa Card by Guarda. Top it up using your XDC crypto and use it as a regular bank card anywhere in the world and easily spend XDC. Guarda Visa card is available as a Virtual card or plastic card.

Order your visa card on Guarda and start using the card in your daily activity.


XinFin Name Service Livenet

XinFin Name Services is a domain name service for the XDC Blockchain.

Mint your blockchain domains as NFT assets that will bind the domain to your wallet address. You can also set records for your website, email, twitter, description and even your own avatar.


Crypterium Livenet

Get your free wallet for Bitcoin or other 19 cryptocurrencies. Buy XDC, BTC, ETH, and other cryptos with your bank card, or instantly get your own free Visa card to withdraw worldwide. Earn interest, exchange on the best rates and stay safe with banking class security.

The Crypterium wallet combines traditional finances and digital assets with an unlimited amount of wallets to buy, cash out and earn crypto. It supports XDC, BTC, ETH, and many more. Transfer your crypto with just a phone number or wallet address worldwide for free.


ComTech Gold Livenet

Utility: Gold backed Cryptocurrency

ComTech Gold is redefining the tokenization infrastructure by the digitization of Gold using Blockchain Technology that allows both institutional and retail communities to get access to Gold electronically anywhere across the Globe.

ComTech Gold tokens will be 100% backed by physical Gold in the form of Standardized 1 kg bars of 999 purity stored in a secured physical Vault custodian on a segregated and auditable basis. Working within regulatory frameworks, we aim to create an ecosystem built with integrity, transparency, and efficiency to encourage the financial industry to raise the bar and discover new ways to service the Global community.


Cyclebit Livenet

Utility: Infrastructure for Crypto Payment - POS

Cyclebit is a tool for retailers to accept digital payments in-store, online, or on the go. From now on, any product can be paid for using $XDC tokens, with the whole transaction taking just a few seconds. Cyclebit is one of the largest POS and payments providers in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia.

Launched in 2012, the company provides in-store and e-commerce solutions to thousands of retailers, transacting over $1,5 billion annually. The senior management of Cyclebit consists of former employees of such companies as PayPal and Citibank.


Law Blocks Coming Soon!

Law Blocks Creates your Smart Legal Contracts using Blockchain Technology. Law Blocks Token (LBT) is an XRC-20 utility token that powers Law Blocks Eco System through XDC Blockchain Network.

Law Blocks is a user-friendly, time saving and community-driven truly smart truly legal contract-based platform for creating legal documents (on blockchain technology) such as Agreements, Power of Attorney, Business Contracts, Declarations, Affidavits, Memorandum of Understanding, etc. subject to yourselves following the prevalent laws in the country in which it has to be acted upon and subject to yourselves following the process of ensuring the validity of those documents in accordance with law, which is cryptographically signed by each party thereby acknowledging their covenants.


Ecoin Livenet

Ecoin combines the power of 'Social Mining' and 'Stable-coin banking' and aims to be the biggest crypto ecosystem ever.

Ecoin aims to enable mass adoption of Cryptocurrency by bringing Billions of users into Crypto. Ecoin aims to tackle this problem with the help of 'world's first AI-driven proxy identity platform' along with 'world's easiest crypto onboarding' powered by Social Mining, Cashbacks Mining, and Incentivized Mining that will eventually lead to mass adoption of crypto.


Mateico Livenet

Mateico creates the Mateico ecosystem that combines art, culture, investments, and charity. The Mateico ecosystem will bring about innovative solutions based on blockchain technology, virtual reality, and augmented reality. The services available on the Mateico platform will help artists and creators in, e.g., obtaining independent sources of income. In one place, an author will be able to accomplish numerous objectives – from exhibiting his or her works to co-creating an active community.

The XinFin XDC Network technology allows to minimize the project's negative impact on the environment and reduce its carbon footprint. The Mateico project will allow for more than just the creation of a classic NFT marketplace.


Kinesis Coming Soon!

Kinesis will first list the XDC and XRC20 tokens on the Kinesis Exchange providing XDC holders the ability to trade against precious metals tokens KAU and KAG, which are fully allocated physical gold and silver backed tokens, which hold real world utility for saving, or spending as global currency.

There are two separate phases which will develop the partnership. The first aims towards the enablement of minting Kinesis' gold and silver-backed digital currencies (KAU and KAG respectively) on the XDC Network as XRC20 tokens, and integrating XRC20 KAU and XRC20 KAG tokens on the Kinesis Exchange platform for direct use and utility on the XRC20 protocol.


XDCNFT Livenet

Utility: NFT Marketplace on the XDC Network

XDCNFT is the NFT marketplace on the XinFin Blockchain and is part of BlocksWorkz LTD, a UK-based technology. The XDCNFT Marketplace is one of the quickest, smartest, and most anticipated secure Marketplace on the XRC20 Blockchain. The Gas-fees on the XDC network(XRC20) average at a fraction of 1 USD, and the buyer/seller price fee per NFT is just 1% of the overall value.

XDCNFT has no installation fees, making the Marketplace one of the most appealing to NFT Buyers and Sellers worldwide.


SuperBullsNFT Livenet

Utility: NFT on XDC Network

SuperBullsNFT is a team of technology and creative folks who design and build some fantastic blockchain projects. These projects are cross-chain and focus on XinFin, Ethereum, Cardano, and Solana.

Over the coming months, their team will be releasing details of the roadmap, including exciting collaborations and special events which SuperBullsNFT holders only are eligible to attend. They aim to provide the NFT holders with a unique collection experience.


Impel Livenet

ISO 20022 compliant messaging: Redefining the standard for cross-border payments and financial messaging system on XDC Network.

Impel is a fintech innovator that uses blockchain technology to deliver financial messaging, payments, and a bridge to the R3 Corda platform to future-facing banks and fintech. It provides a cost-effective alternative to legacy financial messaging solutions like SWIFT and SEPA. It uses a decentralized, enterprise-ready hybrid blockchain to securely and quickly send financial messages and payments and enable instant settlement.


Prime Numbers Livenet

Prime Numbers is an ecosystem composed of different DEFI and NFT protocols that generate revenue for its community on the XDC Blockchain.

Our ecosystem generates revenue through the fees created at PrimePort NFT Marketplace and Prime Numbers Finance, the first lending and borrowing protocol on XDC.

We reward our community through our NFTs collections, which have a revolutionary staking system where you stake tokens inside your NFTs to earn rewards.


Yodaplus Multisig Wallet Livenet

A convenient way to manage all your crypto funds in one place. Yplusvault is one of the most secure wallets that can be trusted for all the new-age digital transactions. The system is built as a decentralized application that doesn't require the need of any intermediary. Yplusvault is best suited for individuals or organizations that would need to do safer transactions at their ends. It has been built upon the Xinfin blockchain platform which is operational for XDCNetwork across the globe.


Yodaplus Trade tokenization Livenet

Asset tokenization is the process of transforming the value of a physical asset into digital asset-backed tokens. The digital tokens are created on a distributed ledger or blockchain platform. Such asset-backed tokens can be conveniently created on an asset tokenization platform, as well as can be traded in the market. The value of the tokens can't be erased, changed, or altered by any single authority due to the decentralized nature of blockchain infrastructure that helps establish trust.


XDSea Livenet

Utility: NFT Marketplace

XDSea is the world's first and largest peer-to-peer decentralized marketplace for buying and selling NFTs built on the XDC Network (XRC) blockchain. NFTs stand for unique Non-Fungible Tokens collectible digital items such as in-game assets, avatars, trading cards, and art.

A non-fungible token, or NFT, is a new digital product that we're thrilled about at XDSea.

NFTs offer some intriguing new properties: they're one-of-a-kind, provably scarce, tradeable, and applicable to various applications.


Plugin Livenet

Plugin, a decentralized oracle platform, provides cost-effective solutions for any smart contract on the XinFin ecosystem.

The plugin collects data from different external sources, consolidates, and makes sure the correct value is provided to its users at any point in time. This is the most crucial part for any decentralized oracle provider that is highly trusted by all its users.


LedgerMail Livenet

LedgerMail is the Pingala Software powered, most prominent, and world's first Decentralized Email Service that combines the power of blockchain, XDPoS consensus, cryptographic algorithms, and zero trust mechanism with a mission of Protecting the Digital Rights of Email users in a decentralized manner. The ever-growing LedgerMail platform will replace traditional email transfer protocols like IMAP/SMTP.

However, LedgerMail uses blockchain technology in which cryptographically encrypted messages & attachments are stored on shared blockchain ledgers. In detail, each email transferred is confirmed and validated like a blockchain transaction. In order to bring the utmost level of security and create a tamper-proof decentralized email environment.


XSwap Livenet

Utility: Decentralized Exchange for XRC20 tokens

XSwap protocol is an automated market maker for XRC20 tokens built on the Xinfin Network (XDC).

XSwap is focused on building the challenger of BSC-based PancakeSwap (CAKE) and Ethereum-based Uniswap (UNI). As such, empowering crypto enthusiasts with secure, fast, and resource-efficient instruments for the peer-to-peer exchange of digital assets is its primary focuses.

Released on top of the XinFin XDC Network, XSwap facilitates exchange between XRC-20 tokens (standard similar to ERC-20 on Ethereum and TRC-20 on Tron).

Besides a reliable exchange and liquidity ecosystem, XSwap will also be a gateway to crypto markets for early-stage products of all sorts.


Metabloqs Coming Soon!

Utility: Metaverse

Metabloqs is a virtual world powered by XDC Network that fits in with users diverse needs whether you want to pick a skillset, engage into networking, or enjoy some time playing. Creating a unique ecosystem in the process, Metabloqs rolls out a world where users can create, own, and monetize their experiences using their token, the native utility token.

Citizens of Metabloqs are provided with a unique passport to enter the metaverse and can purchase land and rare goods as NFTs and create their dream projects.


EuroStasis Livenet

Token Type: Stable Coin EURO

Produced by STASIS, EURS was developed to tokenize the traditional fiat asset known around the world as the Euro. EURS mirrors the value of the Euro on the blockchain and is said to be supported by liquidity assurance mechanisms combining the benefits of a global fiat with the transparency, immutability, and efficiency of the blockchain.

According to their website, all tokens are fully backed by 1:1 collateral reserves. The company aims to promote transparency by providing daily statements from account providers along with weekly verifications and quarterly audits by a top 5 global accounting firm.


GlobianceDEX Livenet

Utility: Decentralized Exchange for XRC20 tokens

GlobianceDEX is the first decentralized exchange built on the leading XDC (XinFin) blockchain. Developed as an Automated-market-maker ( AMM ) on XDC, where a collection of smart contracts are used to create liquidity pools, provide liquidity, and swap XRC-20 tokens. Globiance DEX offers incentives and rewards to all players as well as effective speediness, reduced costs, and enhanced performance.

The goal of GlobianceDEX is to become a launchpad for all XRC20 tokens, offer cross-chain solutions, and provide a base for XDC based NFTs as an NFT marketplace.


GBEX Livenet

Token Type: Exchange utility token

Globiance is a group of regulated/licensed exchanges and financial institutions. GBEX is the house token of Globiance and is used on a daily basis on all Globiance Platforms worldwide.

GBEX is a 3rd generation Exchange token with inbuilt functionalities which includes deflationary tokenomics, anti whale/dump protection, auto-rewarding holders.


BlocksScan Livenet

BlocksScan is a Block Explorer and Analytics Platform for XDC, ETH decentralized smart contracts platform. BlocksScan.io on a mission to provide best Search experience to all the users with different Blockchain Network under a single roof. BlocksScan.io focused on making decentralized information accessible for end-users.

We made this possible for blockchains with features of NFT, De-Fi, Examining all blocks, transactions, finality, smart contracts, token information with user-friendly interface.


StorX Livenet

StorX is a decentralized cloud storage network, Which empowers users to store their data securely on the cloud. Each file uploaded on StorX is split and encrypted into multiple fragments to autonomous storage nodes operated by individual operators across the world.

Designed as the collection of autonomous storage networks, no individual operator has complete access to the data. StorX is faster than legacy centralized storage providers and enables users to save costs compared to a centralized cloud. StorX also enables users with spare storage capacity to lease space and earn fabulous returns.


XcelTrip Livenet

XcelTrip is a next-gen, blockchain-based, and decentralized solution, designed with the intent to disrupt the trillion-dollar travel industry. Alongside an expanding partner base of over 1.5 million hotels and 400 airline companies, the platform strives to democratize use-cases within the blockchain and cryptocurrency domain.

Leveraging the platform's web, android, and iOS applications, XcelTrip users can pay for their travel needs using Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., and is now integrated the XDC token.


Travala Livenet

Travala.com is the most epic cryptocurrency-friendly travel booking service with 2.2 million properties, over 400k activities in 230 countries, and 600 airlines globally. Travala.com is a champion of cryptocurrency adoption, accepting more than 50 leading cryptocurrencies along with traditional payment methods.

Travala.com's vision is to align travel booking with the ethos of decentralized technology.


MyContract Livenet

MyContract.co is a digital asset creation & management Dashboard for any kind of assets like community coins, Bonds, real estate and infrastructure assets. (Asset Tokenization Market) without the need for any programming expertise.

MyContract.co allows you to create your own token in a few minutes by just providing basic token details, such as token name, token symbol, token decimals, total supply and token sale limit in an easy to grasp environment. After providing all the details of the token created and buying the package, payable in XDC tokens , the users can easily get the code of their brand new token. MyContract will allow businesses of all sizes to deploy their own smart-contracts and tokens across industries, with working use cases in Supply Chain and Decentralized Credit applications.


TradeFinex Livenet

TradeFinex.org is a p2p trade finance platform to create trade instruments of value between buyers and sellers in Trade Finance market. It is an open protocol for banks, institutions and users consortium-led governance makes it truly decentralized.

TradeFinex platform will help buyers secure capital at globally competitive rates, give suppliers visibility on global tenders & customer base as well as provide financiers real time visibility on their investments by digitizating their assets and IoT integration. TradeFinex is an open API platform that is compatible with legacy systems and ISO20022 and allows users to share documents, supports Decentralized Credit Data and Decentralized KYC Data with zero knowledge proofs. TradeFinex comes with other attributes including Asset/Projects Monitoring, Private Network Interactions, Smart-Contracts, Post-Trade Settlements, Counter-Party Risk Mitigation and Increased Liquidity.

DCB Bank

DCB Bank Ltd. Livenet

DCB Bank Ltd., a private sector scheduled commercial bank selected XinFin as their blockchain partner to streamline Insurance systems using Blockchain.

DCB Bank was looking to deploy blockchain solutions. XinFin was chosen to implement a secure technology solution to help streamline their insurance process. Since participants are operating stake driven nodes on XinFin's Hybrid Blockchain, they now share access to data from the very point the customer enters the cycle of policy issuance.


Kramaa Testnet

Kramaa is a Singapore based technology company converging latest technologies in blockchain, IoT, and analytics. The Company has created a blockchain based application ("The platform") for IoT identities linked to physical assets on XinFin's proven hybrid blockchain architecture.

The platform securely integrates physical assets & IoT devices through blockchain, smart contracts & firmware to create digital identity, provenance, authentication, e-commerce, supply chain & finance. Industry applications for the platform include smart cities, pharma, packaging, logistics, Fashion / Luxury, Food & beverages, precious metals & Jewelry.


Blockdegree Livenet

Blockdegree exists to create awareness of XinFin's platforms. Blockdegree provides online blockchain training to engineers and professionals. These engineers and professionals can avail basic and advanced courses from Blockdegree and start development around our platforms.

The Academy intends to make engineers' path easier by providing them knowledge about XinFin's XDC Protocol, XinFin Hybrid Blockchain Technology, XinFin Use Cases and the technology used to build these use cases under one umbrella. Blockdegree will also provide Verified Certifications to developers around Blockchain Technology, Ethereum and XDC Protocol.


TurantPay Testnet

TurantPay facilitates standardised remittance over XDC Protocol that provides counterparty risk mitigation, instant payments using existing payment channels such as SWIFT.

There are higher fees, locked deposits and a complete lack of visibility which damages trust between clients and payment service providers. TurantPay is a great solution which has significantly lower processing fees. TurantPay also maintains complete visibility throughout the life cycle of the payment. TurantPay also eliminates batch processing, which means payment service providers and institutions enjoy quicker processing as well as instant settlements therefore improving client satisfaction.

Land Registry

Land Registry Testnet PoC

XinFin has conceptualized end-to-end land registry record management solutions using Blockchain technology. XinFin's objective is to access, verify and transfer ownership pertaining to land records in real-time to reduce inefficiency in the current manual process.

XinFin is currently working with regulatory financial institutions and government on developing land record solutions. Our smart contract integration helps combat fraud prevention and with our digital online database makes access, verification and transfer of title ownership effortless. With our easy-to-use smart phone/web-app based workflow, XinFin is building seamless ecosystem of participants, banks and authorities for land registry record management.


InFactor Testnet PoC

InFactor is an online invoice factoring platform where businesses/suppliers can factor their unpaid invoices. InFactor aims to improve security and remove operational inefficiencies in the invoice factoring process by using technology advancements such as blockchain and smart contracts.

InFactor places the Supplier, Buyer and Financer on the same platform allowing visibility and real time communication between all parties. In order to factor an invoice, the Supplier will upload their invoice details on the platform which the Buyer must verify. Approved invoices are then visible to all the Financers registered on the platform. Financers can send factoring proposals to any verified invoice they choose. Suppliers can then choose to accept any proposal submitted by a Financer. All Users are provided with a built-in XDC wallet with ERC20 standards. Discounting logic is prebuilt in the smart contract which automatically calculates interest, prepayment and post payment amounts based on the factoring terms.


Airnetz Livenet Pilot

From Q2 of 2019, the global distribution engine for General aviation, powered by Airnetzcharter.com, will enable XDC Payment relay bridges and rate stability through its instant swap with USDC. AirnetzCharter.com GDS System hosts over 5,000 Aircraft and 25,000 airport worldwide. The integration and hosting with XinFin's XDC Protocol will help Airnetzcharter.com and its customers facilitate life saving instant medical evacuation and air ambulance on short notice without the concern of delayed financial settlement.

Setup Loyalty dApp

Do you have Need to set up a blockchain loyalty dApp but find the whole thing confusing? You're not alone. We created this guide to setting up a loyalty token on our blockchain loyalty platform to make life that little bit easier for our community.

Setting up a Blockchain Loyalty App – A Step-By-Step Guide.

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